Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Uhhh...Talesha, your picture is blurry and where are the dumplings?  
Good question. 
First, my camera broke and so now I get to use my cell phone to take pictures.  Lovely.  
Second, you know when your just to lazy to check what the recipe for the week is so you ask your friend and she tells you it's apple turnovers and then you guys realize you could use that recipe to serve at book club and get all crazy with fun Halloween recipes and turn the apple turnovers into bloody intestines?
  Good, then you know what happened to my dumplings! 
I still want to try the apple dumplings, but I must say, those intestines were delicious!  And they looked really cool too!  (See Michelle's blog for a much better picture). 
Check out Emily's blog for the apple dumplings recipe.  They are so cute and look scrumptious! 

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