Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Creme caramel sounds much better than plain old custard, but that's pretty much what this is.   Except with caramel, but I didn't think it improved the flavor any.  I'm not a custard fan due to texture, look, and taste, and after this recipe, I'm still not.  However, it was a really cool process with the caramel because it set up like a hard sucker on the bottom of the ramekin, but after baking it seeped into the custard so that when you turned the custard out it had a beautiful dark golden color on top that was just as soft as the custard.  It also left a liquid caramel that drizzled over the surface, but I didn't love the taste of it (which is weird because I love caramel).
     Oh, and one more thing about the caramel.  When a recipe says to be careful handling the caramel because it gets extremely hot--heed the caution.  Otherwise, you end up with a beautiful blister like this:(
     If you like custards, give this a try, and if you don't, it's still fun to make and you can take it to a neighbor.
 Michelle was our host this week and you can get the recipe over at her blog HERE.

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