Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BAKE 52: WEEK 52


I''m pretty sure if I wouldn't have been completely hypoglycemic from eating all my stocking candy in two days that I would have loved these cookies.  They were rich and chewy and everything you would expect in a thick and chewy triple chocolate cookie!  I'm sure I will be craving these in a couple of weeks when I'm back on WW's!  Thanks, Janet, for a great recipe to end with!  You can get the recipe at Janet's blog HERE.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I actually made a round version of these last week when I forgot to time my cookies.  The difference between those and the biscotti I made today is biscotti is supposed to be crisp.  Plus, the burnt cookies tasted, well, burnt, and they didn't soften up in milk.
The biscotti, however, had a great mild flavor and a crisp texture expected with biscotti.  I went for the chocolate chip version and it was wonderful dunked in hazel nut hot chocolate.  It softened up just right when soaked in the hot chocolate without getting soggy, doughy, or falling apart.
Thanks, Emiy, for picking a recipe I could use my cute tea cups with!  You can get the recipe at Emily's blog, HERE.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012



This week's pick was a great one for the holidays and since I have a party this weekend I had every intention of freezing this roll and taking it to the party.  The only problem was every kid wanted a taste and decided they loved it (not the problem), but now I need to bake another one, which, as I think about it, really isn't a problem either.  However, I wanted to love this roll too, but I only liked it.  Maybe that's the problem?  Hmm, anyway, here's my break down on the glazed chocolate cream roll:

What I didn't love:  Cake rolls in general are spongy due to all the eggs in the batter that help it not brake when being rolled.  This one was no different and I'm not fond of the spongy texture.  

What I loved:  The marshmallow filling!  Hello, did anyone else eat spoonfuls of it first?!  It was so good! Spoonfuls good! I also love the look of cake rolls--very festive and yet easy.

What I changed:  Every time a recipe has called for bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate, I have always thought it a bit too bitter.  So this time I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of the bittersweet chocolate.  It was a subtle change but just enough for me. 

What I will change next time:  Double that filling!  It was too thinly spread for my liking (even if it would have had those extra spoonfuls that I ate:)), I wanted more cream in my bite.  Also, was greasing the sheet pointless to anyone else?

Thanks, Michelle, for picking a great recipe that I can take to my family party this weekend!  You can get the recipe (and a gluten-free version) at Michelle's blog,  HERE

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Yummy, right?!  Flaky, sweet, buttery deliciousness--that pretty much sums up this pastry.  I went with a cream cheese and raspberry filling that i loved as well.

Now, I'm going to be totally honest, I cheated!  I just didn't have the patience today to wait the hours in between rolling and folding, rolling and folding, rolling and folding (even just typing that out was laborious)--so I didn't!  I just rolled and folded one right after the other and skipped chilling.  And guess what?  It worked!  I even forgot to let it rise, but I still had plenty of flakiness plus the rest of my day.  Wahoo!  There was only one down fall; by the last roll out before I put the filling on, the dough was getting sticky which made braiding kinda tricky.  Some of the braids broke and I had to piece them back together.

So, it wasn't the prettiest braid, but it was the price I was willing to pay today.
Jennifer was our host this week and you can get the recipe from her blog, HERE.