Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BAKE 52: WEEK 20

French Macaroon Sandwich Cookies

Where to start?  I love French toast, I love French fries, I love French accents.  I love cookies here, I love cookies there, I love cookies everywhere.  Which is why I'm still a little baffled at how much I disliked this French Macaroon Sandwich Cookie recipe.  It might have been the very sticky, gloppy (their word, not mine) batter that I made a huge mess with and ended up washing half the batter off my hands.  Or maybe it was my generic Ziploc bags that kept tearing holes through the side and oozing out big gloppy amounts of batter as I tried to pipe.  Perhaps it was the chewiness that took a piece of my tooth, or possible the butter-cream frosting that tasted exactly like creamy butter (don't get me wrong, who doesn't like creamy butter, but everything has its place).  What ever it was, these little French cookies gave me some big attitude and I pretty much loathed them by the end.  I even had to put watermelon in the background so I would want to take their picture - looking all pretty and innocent, as if!  But, you may have a better relationship with them; there's someone (or thing) for everyone.  Betsy was our host this week and you can go to her blog HERE for the recipe, or just to read some fun stuff about her.:)


  1. It's great to know you were on the same page as me. It described it really well.

  2. The picture is great! Sorry you didn't like them more, they look perfect.

  3. Your picture looks great. It was fun to try something different. I was not a fan of the frosting either. Good job for giving them a shot.