Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BAKE 52: WEEK 18

Classic Pancakes and Flavored Syrup

Is there anything better than breakfast for dinner?  Not in my family, so these pancakes were a big hit.  I didn't flavor the syrup though, we just went for classic pancakes and classic maple syrup.  I think it was a great pancake recipe and I learned that oiling the griddle after each pancake is a must for the right texture and to produce that pretty, golden color.  Jesse was our host this week and you can visit her blog for the recipe HERE.


  1. The photo looks so good, I love it. I love seeing the little eater in the background too, so cute! I feel like I am constantly learning little things from this book that I love.

  2. What are you talking about?!? Your pancakes look beautiful! Making me hungry!!