Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bake 52: Week 1

The Fun Begins With...Quiche

As part of my online baking club, Bake 52, I will be reviewing a recipe every Wednesday this year from the cookbook, The America's Test Kitchen: Family Baking Book, starting today with Quiche!
This was only the second time I've ever made quiche but it was simple and easy, especially when you use a pre-made crust, which I did.  I served it for Sunday dinner and besides my picky three-year-old eater, everyone liked it and my oldest son even went back for seconds!  I love breakfast foods, especially eggs, so this was a treat for me to have for dinner.  My daughter wasn't crazy about the texture, and I have to say, it was kind of tofu-y.  I added ham to it, but next time I think I will try bacon to give it more texture.
Although easy, this is NOT a quick meal.  I didn't plan on how long it took to cook and cool (especially if you make the crust) so the family was super hungry by the time it was ready--my bad!  I didn't serve anything else with it either, but if i had a do-over, there would most definitely be pancakes and orange juice!  Check out  for the recipe.


  1. Great post!! I sometimes find my family likes things more when I make them wait until they are starving. Good strategy! ;) I am glad you said your crust was pre-made because I was getting envious of how perfect it looked. I am sure that is a great time saver.

  2. I am so with you-- I didn't picture this being a big hit with my picky eaters, but it totally way!!