Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bake 52: Week 2


Brown. Bran. Bland.  Poor thing, probably the most unpopular and least exciting muffin I can think of.  And one that I would never have invited to my kitchen if not for this baking group.  However...

With the lowest of expectations, I was pleasantly surprised.  Although the dark brown, hard-looking muffins weren't much to look at, inside was soft and moist and the crisp outside gave it a great texture that me and my daughter both liked (its all about the texture with us).  The bran flavor was quit mild and if it wasn't for the raisins I would have enjoyed it.  My picky eater starting eating one before I even took the pictures--and liked it!  The rest of the fam liked them as well, but I found lots of picked out raisins around the kitchen.  Since this wasn't a low calorie muffin, I wish I would have subbed chocolate chips for the raisins or even just eliminated them altogether.  Overall, I guess this muffin is about whats on the inside (an how it affects your inside).  I'm glad I tried a recipe I would have never tried before, and if its bran muffins you want, this would be the recipe to use.  But, I'm a shallow baker and I like my muffins to look as good as they smell and taste, so I won't be making this one again.  For the recipe visit Valerie's blog.


  1. We were all pleasantly surprised too! Glad you made them even though you were worried. :)

  2. I too would never have thought to pick this recipe, glad SHE did... really pushed us, eh?

  3. love you being a shallow baker. :) too funny!