Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bake 52: WEEK 36


Doesn't the name Tunnel of Fudge make you think of Tunnel of Love?  And really, that's what this cake is; a tunnel of everything you love about chocolate.  It has a rich, gooey core surrounded by moist chocolate-y cake and drizzled with a semi-sweet chocolate glaze.  A love affair waiting to happen.  
Except, I totally messed up the recipe by mixing ingredients the wrong way.  I mixed the melted chocolate mixture right into the powdered sugar mixture.  Immediately, I realized something was wrong.  It was all dry and clumpy.  I reread the directions and, sure enough, I had done it wrong!  I should have taken a picture of the final batter; it was a lumpy mess.  I guess that's what happens when you're having fun baking (and talking too much) with a friend!  Somehow (I really, REALLY don't know how) it still turned out, maybe not as runny as some others, but still really gooey and delicious!  It made me love this cake all the more.  So if you want a super fabulous cake that looks fancy and tastes incredible and one you can't screw up, this is it!  Janet was our host and you can get the recipe HERE.

P.S.  I'm not even going to admit how much of this cake I ate myself!

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  1. I am so with you, and in love with this cake! It looks beautiful! Good to know that it's pretty forgiving.