Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Chickpea Cakes with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce

This was an interesting recipe for me.  It looked kinda good and I love a good cucumber-yogurt sauce and since I'm trying to be more healthy, I was really hoping I would like this one.
Unfortunately, I didn't.  I thought it tasted like chalky, chunky hummus.  Fried hummus.  Which is an improvement to hummus, but still.  It was eatable, but even the cucumber-yogurt sauce didn't do it for me.  

My picky four-year old, however, was super excited to eat it.  He was licking his lips and getting a plate and asking for it.  Asking. With his plate held out.  I was thrilled at his enthusiasm, right up to the moment it reached his mouth and he spit it out exclaiming, "This is NOT cake!". 

No, not cake.  Sometimes I really miss last year's cook book!

What I liked:  It was healthy 

What I would change:  The Greek yogurt to plain yogurt.  I love the benefits of the protein-rich Greek yogurt, but that chalky texture and taste that comes with it was just not a good mix with chickpeas.
Also, Amanda served hers on potato rolls with a few garnishes that looked delicious.  I wish I would have thought of that as well!

Check out Amanda's blog for the recipe, HERE.  Once you see hers, you will want to try it!  


  1. Haha! Poor kid was probably wondering why you'd call THAT a cake! :) Sorry you didn't like this one! Thanks for cooking with me this week.

  2. That cracks me up he thought it was cake! Pour kid that must have been quite the shock when he put it in his mouth.