Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bake 52: Week 14


 I was excited to try this week's recipe because I have an Americanized version of this cake which is a chocolate bunt cake with these three milks: sweetened condensed, evaporated, and whole.  This Tres Leches cake used heavy cream instead of whole milk, and the batter is completely different from my chocolate version.  But not in a bad way at all.  In a sooho good different way!  I wanted a straw, but a spoon worked great!  My kids were a little disappointed when they heard tres leches and saw this.  But once they tried it, all I heard was, "yummm!".  And it was yum.  I loved the cinnamon touch to this cake.  Usually, I like my tres leches caked chilled to the max, but this one was super yummy just a little cold and the inside with just a hint of warmth.  I tried to eat only one piece.  I failed.  You can get the recipe HERE at Amanda's blog. 


  1. I know, I am about to throw the rest of the cake away so I stop eating it!! Glad you guys liked it, it looks great!

  2. It was one of our yummiest desserts yet-- totally not what I expected!!!

  3. Looks great! Good idea with the strawberry on top... yum.