Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Fools and Spring Flowers

I love making April Fool's dinners for my family every year.  Some of my favorites have been the meatloaf cupcakes, ice cream potatoes and gravy, and individual real sponge cakes.  This year I pinned some fun ideas and then just plain forgot about April 1st until my 10-year-old presented his first prank.  Ahh!  I couldn't believe that I forgot and I knew my kids were expecting something from me even when I told them that I honestly had forgotten.  So I said I would make some fun Spring cupcakes instead.  Which I did, at the same time I made their prank because it involved eggs and cake batter and they didn't look twice at what I was doing.  My flower cupcakes turned out so cute, and my prank too.

 I filled empty (and clean) egg shells with cake batter and baked them.  Then I served the "hard-boiled eggs" with a spaghetti dinner, which none of the kids thought was weird.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the kids cracking the eggs and the cake inside, but I didn't want to be obvious hovering with my camera and they ate them so fast that I'm pretty sure half the shells were ingested as well.  Oh well, it was fun!

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