Wednesday, January 9, 2013



This was a great recipe to start the year off with!  Rarely do all my children (I feel like I should do AMC for that) like the same dish, but this one they did.  Even my four-year-old said he like it without any prodding and for that reason I'm giving this five stars.  The chicken stayed moist and I really liked the homemade sauce on top.  I used the rest of the sauce on some penne pasta and served together.  My only complaint on this recipe is that it used a ton of dishes.  Something new that I learned and loved was baking the chicken on a cooling rack (on a baking sheet) so that the bottom didn't get soggy.  I love the tips in these cookbooks!  To get the recipe, head over to Jen's blog, HERE.


  1. Turned out so good! Glad your whole fam loved it, a must-make-again for sure!

  2. your picture looks so yummy, straight out of a cookbook! Glad you guys enjoyed it! It is pretty kid friendly, even my bunch enjoyed it.

  3. Glad you loved it. I really loved the baking rack tip too! I can't get over how much better is was than baking it on the sheet or just foil! And you are so right about the amount of dishes!!! It would probably help to have the sauce made ahead of time, but I didn't do that! Next time. :)