Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bake 52: Week 12


 Palmiers are kind of like the "girl next door" pastry.  I had never heard of palmiers - sometimes called elephant ears (that didn't help me either) - before now.  The picture and ingredients looked plain and boring and I really wasn't expecting much.  But then I starting making them and it all changed.  Just for the record, pastries are WAY more fun to make than bread:)  It started with making the butter square, then folding the dough around it.
Then rolling and folding.  And folding.  And rolling.  And rolling and, well there's a pattern here.  Even though my arms were sore the next day from the all the rolling, I gotta say, it was fun.  And the shape they were cut into was fun.
 And baking them was fun!  They looked pretty and smelled divine and tasted superb.  Because they are a pastry!  Yum.  Thank you, Rebekah for hosting this week.  You can get the recipe at her blog HERE.  By the way, I added a drizzle of glaze on some of mine because they looked like they wanted it, but they tasted yummy without as well.  Also, I found they are one of those desserts that somehow manage to taste even better the next day, so if you have the will power to save a few, do!


  1. What a good idea to add a glaze. I will have to try that on my last few.

  2. They look great! I also love the idea of adding glaze, that looks good. I thought they were a lot of fun too, and yummy. Maybe if we made these weekly, we could stop lifting weights?

  3. Dangit! I wish I would have tried one the next day! They look so great and I am glad you had fun making them. I like Rebekah's idea about using this as exercise. So much more fun than working out!!